Before we can build the rooms on the first floor, we have to tighten all the places on the roof and between the 2 houses, before bad autumn weather makes its apparition. It's not an easy work, because you have to connect a twelve-sided construction with a square one. You can see more about the exterior construction here.

The first floor has a sky light in plexi-glass on the outer roof, which has to be insulated before winter. In the inner roof a triple glazed window has now been inserted after having insulated the space between the outer and the inner roof.


The sky light is now insulated before inserting the triple glazed window

The triple glazed window inside the sky light

The sky light is temporarily covered by a second sheet of plexiglass

The white door is leading to the older part of the house. To the left the staircase leads downstairs.

The construction of the staircase. On your right you can still see the wall of the older part of the house.

How it looks like almost finished







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