The bricklayer has finished laying the external walls out of red bricks on the ground floor. At several levels the external walls are reinforced by 2 ribbons of stainless steel which are placed in a converging-diverging pattern.

Here you can see the stainless steel ribbons which are placed on the red brick before the bricklayer is going on with the construction of the first floor.

The bricklayer finished laying the first floor out of red bricks. Now beams have to be laid, first iron beams and then wooden beams in order to shape at the same time the ceiling of the ground floor and the floor of the first floor.

The iron beams got raised manually. Sometimes you have to be creative!

In the background you can see the first floor out of red bricks.

The beam is so long that it had to be transported around the house on 2 wheel barrows.

Here you see the end of the beam on one wheel barrow.

Here you see the other end of the beam on the other wheel barrow.

The beam has been placed at one end on a scaffold.

It needed 2 strong men to lift up the beam on the scaffold.

No doubt, it was heavy!

The beam had to fit in the hole which was made for the purpose.

The beam is bent at one end in order to support the low roof on the west side of the house.

The beam got placed at last on the iron post. Now it will be able to carry a load bearing wall and wooden beams.

Our hen was curious too, but a little to deep to fly down!

Next step: The wooden beams of the first floor have to be laid, so the carpenter is able to place the roof.

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Wooden beams are laid over the kitchen to the left and the living room to the right

Wooden beams are laid to the west

... and to the east over the kitchen

It is nice enjoying the evening sky under open sky

This will be our living room

The house is ready now for receiving the roof. See next >>>

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