Connecting old and new roof was more tricky than we thought at first. It would have been easier to build the new/passive house as an independent house beside the old one, which could have been connected to the old house by a little covered passage. Nevertheless, if you are both creative and skilful artisan, you are capable to solve the tricky task. Look yourself at the result!


The old roof had to be prolonged on to the new roof.

Anton on the west side of the house.

Did Anton want to imitate the statue on Sugar Top in Rio?

After the connection is finished, the new roof had to be swept. Everything was covered with red tile dust, even Anton's beard and moustache!

Every "hole" in the roof has to be "closed" before rain and winter season. And before exterior work is completed, no interior work can't be started. We don't longer plan to move in before Christmas. We are more proned to think "summer 2010"!

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