Since 2000 we are driving an electric Peugeot 106. We have driven 151.000 kms on the original batteries. We have used it for work and leisure, both inside Denmark across the country in all directions and outside Denmark: Norway, Sweden, Germany and France.

Some private users of electric cars of Scandinavia began to meet once a year since 2001 in order to exchange their own experiences about electric cars and to network. Take a look at the different EV trips!

We have participated in each of them. Enjoy some moments of them. This year, it was the 11th time already.

If you want to see, how other electric cars are looking like, click here.


Electric Peugeot 106Anton and his electric Peugeot 106.

RoldskovenEV 2008 in Denmark.

StavangerEV 2009 in Norway.

EV 2010 in Sweden

Nordjyllands KraftværkEV 2011 in Denmark.

Nye elbilerEV 2012 in Norway.

EV 2013 in Sweden.