Windows and doors are a significant factor in the loss of energy in a house. Therefore we had to be careful with the choice of the windows. Certified windows for passive house have to have an U-value less than 0,8. Our intention was to get windows with lower value than that. First we looked at danish made windows, but we didn't find any suitable, either they had higher U-values (typically 1,2-1,4) or they were all wood frames. In february 2009 we were in Austria at a fair "Bauen+Wohnen 2009", where several manufacturers presented their passive windows. We found passive windows from Wicknorm the most attractive.

Their passive windows "Wicknorm Passiv" have U-value of 0,7. The front is out of aluminium, and behind is an insulated section before the wood frame. The inside is out of natural wood. They have triple glazing, and noble gas. We chose these windows, because they are maintenance free and of high quality. This product was already certified as passive window in 2003!!


House facade with Wicknorm passive windows and Velux roof windows.

Frame of the terrace door passive standard from Wicknorm.

Triple glazed windows passive standard from Wicknorm.

We didn't find passive windows for the roof, so we had to compromise and buy triple glazed windows from Velux. These windows have an U-value of 1,0.

We didn't either find a house door according to passive standard. But we bought a well insulated house door from Wicknorm (unknown U-value).

House door with triple glass from Wicknorm

In the center of the roof there is a sky light with a diameter of 900 mm from Lumex A/S. It is made of clear plexiglass. As it has a very high U-value (higher than 2), the sky light is mounted only in the external roof, and connected to a doubleglazed pane at the internal roof. Therefore we can reach a significant lower U-value.

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