The cellar consists of 3 rooms: at the east, the technique room, at the south the wine cellar, and at the west the larder.

As we first want to finish the kitchen part on the ground floor, we start first mounting the ceiling in the cellar at the east, i.e. in the technique room.

Sheets of thin cardboard are fastened on the ceiling beams, before Troldtekt acoustic panels are skrewed on to the beams. We have chosen to place sheets of thin cardboard over the panels, because we will place blocks of rockwool above the cardboard sheets in order to insulate. Thus rockwool fibers won't be falling through the panels.

We chose a white color of panels in order to keep the room light, as we won't have windows in the cellar rooms.

Anton is mounting acoustic panels in the technique room.

Anton is putting insulation around the pipes connecting the solar collectors and the pump.