EV 2012


In 2012 the annual trip was held in the south-east of Norway (Tønsberg). We had some each year some fantastic days. We met old EV friends and as every year new friendships get established too. We had also a fantastic weather compared to the season - several days with 27 degrees. We tried to dip our feet into the fjord of Oslo too. What a nice feeling!

The main events of the trip were:

  • the visit of the Oseberg ship,
  • the trip to the "End of the World",
  • the discussions about the new EVs on the market,
  • the discussions about a sustainable way of building and heating houses
  • and how local-national EV organizations can work together towards a more sustainable future

Here you can enjoy some nice moments of EV 2012.

<nye elbiler>Here you can see the new LEAF fra Nissan

<Oseberg skibet>They are building a copy of the old Viking ship from Oseberg

<Verdens ende>The "End of the World" in the South-East of Norway

<Husoya>Along the coast of the Fjord of Oslo

See more about the participants and program here.