The base plate is now ready for the external and internal walls to be constructed and for the insulation to be laid on the plate and in between the external and internal walls. You can even imagine, how big the rooms in the cellar will be! It's not longer just a dream!


Here you can imagine Anton's technic room

You can imagine the division of the cellar in 3 rooms

Here you can imagine yourself entering the winecellar

Here you can imagine the larder of the house

Next step is the construction of the external wall. The house is 12-sided, so it is not a traditional construction. You have to be careful with the angles of the house. In addition to it, the passive house has to be connected to the old house. If someone has tried renovating such old houses, you will know that the angles are not always right. In order to get every thing right, Anton conceived a "benchmark", consisting in a twelve-sided wheel with 6 wire spokes across. It is attached on laths, and raised at the same level as the ground floor.

Anton is setting up the 12-sided wheel as a benchmark for the construction of the external wall

The next row of wall stones has to be laid upon the first one, which got cast at the same time as the base plate.

The next row of wall stones is laid upon the first one according to the line hanging from the suspended wheel

The external walls got built up at half height. They are waiting for being filled with concrete.

Here you see the cellar from the west side of the current house

In order to avoid the subsoil water rising and penetrating in the foundation, Anton laid drain pipes, which got connected to the existing waterpump. The pump will automatically turn on, if waterlevel is rising upon a certain mark.

What a heavy work to fill the stones with 4 cubic meters!! But it gives muscles...

The waterpump is taking the water out of the drain pipes into the existing dwell

The sewer drain has been sat at the definitive place

Anton is checking if the sewer drains the sewage in the right direction

Every thing needs to be checked before they fill up with soil. It would be too late then...

The space behind the external wall is now half-filled with the excavated soil. You can already walk around the new house!!

The external wall is almost at its definitive height. It can soon get filled with concrete

The external wall is now at its definitive height and filled up with concrete

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