The base plate is divided in different spaces by bricks, which will be the base of load bearing walls. These spaces will be filled up too by clay balls. The clay balls will be covered by a sheet of white felt, maintained in position by sand, before it gets covered by 6 cm of concrete.


Every thing has to fit exactly!

Anton is laying a sheet of felt to protect the clay balls from the concrete and to maintain the concrete floor in level.

The different parts of the base plate have been filled up with clay balls, covered by a sheet of felt and sand to maintain it in position.

The last step is the covering with a thin layer of concrete: That will be the definitive floor of the cellar, before we may later on lay eventually tiles on it.

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After levelling the concrete layer, the brick layer stamped and smoothed it.

The brick layer team was working like a clock work, moving on site as a "ballet"

Finishing the biggest room in the cellar

To be able to stamp and smooth the last part, it had to be done walking on the small bearing walls. Even the ladder had to be attached on them!

The brick layer ordered a concrete deliver truck with a conveyor belt of 14 m long, so it could reach every corner of the house. A layer of 6 cm was laid, levelled, stamped and smoothed. Take a look at the finished cellar floor!

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You can now easily imagine, how your new cellar will look like...You really get impatient.

Anton thought that it could be the birthday gift for his wife, which happened to be that day.