We gave our passive house a name to avoid that every body will call it something different. The name is "ABHuset" (in danish: the AB House).

Summary of the ongoing events:

2013, winter: The interior walls of the different rooms are mounted. Quite a work! Each room has now its separate heating. It can be regulated separately. In this way it's warmer in the office than in the bedroom!

2013, autumn: We have moved in our new bedroom. We enjoy it. There is plenty of headroom (3 meters to the ceiling).

2013, summer: We bought 8 photovoltaic panels more before the net metering agreement expired. Totally we have 34 panels now.

2012, autumn: We go on putting interior walls up on the 1. floor. We can now see the shape of the rooms upstairs! And we have moved in our new bedroom. We enjoy it. There is plenty of headroom (3 meters to the ceiling)

2012, march: We are finishing the ground floor. The rest of the surface has been laid with floor boards. Place enough now to have a party!

2012, february: The inner roof has been insulated around the skylight and a triple glazed window has been mounted in the ceiling under the skylight. See more.

2011-12, winter: Time is spent on doing outdoor work by dry and mild weather (mounting gutters, etc.) and indoor work by wet and windy weather

2011, autumn: Time was spent on renovating the old house

2011, summer: Time was spent on doing outdoor work, as terrace, stairs, etc.

2011, april: Time was spent on the mounting of the new batteries in the electric car, so it can be used for EV 2011. House building came a little behind. But we enjoy both heat from solar panels and electricity from photovoltaics.

2011, march: Almost no need anymore for supplying the heating by wood.

2010, winter: insulation of the house, building of the heat exchanger. We had a pleasant indoor temperature all winter even with strong freezing outdoor temperature. Warm water got heated by sun and supplied with wood burning.

2010, september 20: we began building the heat exchanger for the ventilation of the house. It will be built of 600 glass tubes. See more here.

2010, july: we moved in our new kitchen and living room. We enjoy it. Very pleasant to think that you don't have to pay or to heat to get hot water in the tap! Even if the sun is not shining for 2 days, we still have hot water! See here.

June 26 th: We are now half way in our living room. See here. We started to work on the ventilation too.

2010, May 31: The floor in the living room is getting insulated and covered with oak planks. Soon we can sit there! See more pictures here.

2010, May 5: Kitchen is ready. The special designed ceiling has to be continued in the other half of the ground floor. Before that ventilation pipes have to be installed in the ceiling. See here.

2010, March 13:Kitchen is mounted and a very speciel homedesigned ceiling. See here.

2010, February 15: We started mounting a speciel designed ceiling. See here.

2010, February 9: Multiform A/S started mounting the kitchen.

2010, February 1-7: We insulated and mounted the kitchen floor, we laid tiles on it, so the floor was ready for the mounting of the kitchen. See here.

2010, January 11: We started mounting the ceiling in the cellar. See here.

2010, January 10: Even if there is much snow, it's not a hindrance for the solar panels to produce 4,5 KWH pr. average in the first 9 days.

2010, January 6: The solar collectors produced 103 KWH in december.

2009, November 1-8: 2 x3 horizontal Buderus solar collectors have been mounted on east and west wall and connected to a solar pump station in the cellar. See here.

2009, October: Old and new roof get connected and matched. Assess yourself! Are you as satisfied as Anton seems to be? See here.

2009, October: New and old roof get connected. See here.

2009, September 19: We had "open doors". 50-60 visitors came by to experience our passive house.

2009, September 2: We got windows inserted. See here.

2009, August 20: At last we got the external roof on. See here.

2009, August 20: You can see the external roof as it is standing before mounting. See here.

2009, July 5: You can see the internal roof now. See here.

2009, June 20: The first floor in red bricks is now visible. See here.

2009, June 9-16: The bricklayer laid the external wall of the ground floor in red bricks. The corners look nice. See here.

2009, May 29: There was an "Open door" event about the future house. You can read the article, that was in the newspaper the day before.

2009, May 27-28: The internal walls in gas concrete got finished within 2 days: both ground floor and first floor.

2009, May 20-24: Beams are laid on the top of the cellar, giving at the same time form to the floor of next store.

2009, May 11: The cellar floor is now covered by 6 cm of concrete. The cellar is now ready for getting the ceiling beams.

2009, May 7: The walls and the cellar floor get insulated with 27 m3 of clay balls.

2009, May 4-6: The internal walls of the cellar are built to their definitive height, as well as the bearing walls. You can imagine rooms with openings for the doors!!

2009, April 27: The first two rows of gas concrete are laid by the bricklayer.

2009, April 23: The base stones for the internal walls of the cellar are laid by the bricklayer, helped by Anton

2009, April 16: The sewer drain is laid around the external wall and the second part of the wall is filled with concrete. Now it's really looking like a swimming pool. We just need a torrential rain to fill it up!

2009, April 2: The first part of the external walls of the cellar are filled with concrete: 4 cubic meters!

2009, March 29: The next row is laid according to lines hanging from a 12-sided wheel with 6 wire spokes across, which has been raised at the ground floor level.

2009, March 20: The base plate of the passive house is cast and the first row of wall stones is in place.

2009, March 14-15: We have now a big crater on 12 m across and 2.5 m deep! Woh! It looks like a meteorite impact!

2009, week 10: We moved the garden house and the dwell by pushing it with a JCB digger.

2009, February 27: The first stone is set. The old foundation of the house is now supported by several rows of bricks.

2009, February 26: We are excavating manually and with a JCB digger in order to undercast the old foundation of the house.

2009, February 22: 1. step is to prepare the building site, so the lorries can come in on the site. We are demolishing our present terrace.

Follow the progress of the construction here >>>>

For 2009 we have plans for extending our current house with a passive section (the round part). By passive we mean that the new part of the house will be self providing with energy for heating. The central part of the heating system is the heat recovery ventilation. Additional heat to the ventilation system will be provided by solar panels (the vertical blue panels). Some electricity will be generated by photovoltage (blue panels on the roof). Preliminary calculations indicate that the passive part of the house will just need 1000 kWh from the grid during the whole winter season!!

Yeah!!! We got the building permit!!!!! They recognized the 3. version of our house (the picture you see above). You can see the two first versions here


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