Here are some news you could read in the past about where and how we used our Peugeot 106:

  • EV 2011 will be held in Denmark again, probably around Ålborg.
  • Enjoy some moments of EVS and EV 2010 here
  • Anton, Matt from Cornwall and our daughter Anne-Sophie participated this year in EV 2010 in Trollhättan in Sweden. There was 10 years jubilee of the EVs.
  • We have been in Stavanger, but unfortunately without our electric car for the first time. The embedded charger short circuited shortly before EV2009, and Anton was in lack of time because of the construction of our passive house.
  • The program for EV 2009 is ready. Read more on the EV guide.
  • Anton and Christiane are planning to participate in EVS-24 in Stavanger with their electric vehicle (2009, february)
  • Read more about how the new battery modules and their charging are working
  • Christiane is driving every day at work with the electric car. It has now 16 battery modules out of the 17 planned
  • The present way to think future charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is not so new. Already in 2002 Anton wrote an article related to this item. The title of the article is "hvordan man løser elbilens problem med rækkevidden"



The car had just performed 150.000 kms at that moment!

16 boxes with 200 small cell batteries replace the original batteries.