As an engineer Anton can help himself, when he is in difficult technical situations.

The car needed quickcharging, if we wanted to go for long distances.

Anton decided to buy new batteries too after the car had performed 151.000 kms. But no, no - we didn't buy a ready package. He developed a new system.

The electric car is used for work every day by his wife Christiane. So what did Anton use? The classic car? No way... It's not electric. He made his own electric bike. Not an usual one. See here.

We have central heating based on wood. So using an usual chain saw was not the best, because of 2 inconveniences: noise in the neighbourhood and weight. Anton decided to create an electric saw. See here.


Antons electric bike is called ABEL.

There are 16 of these new battery boxes in the car

Antons quickcharger

Antons electric saw