Every year since 2001 EV "rallys" take place in one of the 3 scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

It started for the first time in 2001 from Göteborg to Oslo: 3 electric cars and 3 codrivers. They had a good fun together talking almost the whole time about electric cars. They exchanged many ideas and experiences. They went on keeping contact with each other and challenging each other. The second year they met in Norway and drove from Oslo to Bergen, the third year they met in Denmark along the Limfjord. The circle of electric vehicles got bigger and now we are approximately 15-20 cars participating each year. The participants don't only come from Scandinavia, but from UK (Cornwall) and Netherland too.

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Øjvind and Arne from Norway, Knut from Sweden and Anton from Denmark were the first participants on the EV's. This is a picture of Göteborg 2001.

Øjvind, Knut and Anton are very busy talking about electric cars.